We are happy to announce that the Blog section of the Ferrum Machining is now LIVE! As a visitor/customer, we want you to feel informed about all that we do or plan on doing. If we buy a new machine or have our eyes on new equipment, we will inform you here. Ferrum Machining would love to show you our process of operations and show off the tools we use to make your drawings/ideas come to life and be functional. We are very happy to provide exceptional service, but we want you to feel comfortable as if we are family. Being a family means being fully transparent and this is where the Blog section of our website helps us show you, our personality. We want our customers to come talk about their designs and have a coffee here, even if those designs are on the napkins with the scribbles on it. We want to help.

Brendon Dasilva - CEO - 01/18/2023