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We are a full service manufacturer of precision-machined components. We have the capability to meet all your needs in the areas of milling, turning, boring, grinding, component assembly, and other manufacturing related areas. 

​We have produced machined components for a wide variety of industries, including medical devices, custom machine assembly, electronic products and military defense products. With over 30 years as a quality machine shop, Ferrum Machining can address all of your precision-machining needs in a timely manner and at a competitive price.

Utilizing the highest quality assurance practices, our machining company monitors every step of the machining process, bringing you the best quality result! Our machine shop is located in Attleboro, Massachusetts, providing machining services for clients all over the country across a wide range of industry.

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    Why CNC Machining

    Precision CNC machining is an excellent fit for applications across virtually every industry. From functional prototypes, to production runs, precision machining can provide the right solution to increase your productivity.

    Parts produced with precision machining will reliably have significantly less dimensional variation than other processes, giving you the confidence that you will receive the same high quality you require in every part, every time.

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    What Is Precision Manufacturing?

    Every day new products are being designed to accomplish highly technical tasks, and thus require components to be manufactured at a higher level of quality. That’s where precision CNC machining comes in.  Precision CNC, or “Computer Numerical Control”, machining is a metalworking process that utilizes highly advanced technology to produce quality parts out of a variety of metals and plastics, where other processes cannot. 

    Advancements in CNC programming, machinery and processes have made it possible to efficiently produce highly complex components, while maintaining tight finish tolerances, often constraining dimensional variation to within a few ten-thousandths of an inch. Machinists can then produce those components in various quantities, ranging from a single part, often for prototypes, to hundreds of thousands of parts for full on production runs. While these processes are precise and reliable, they do need the expertise of a machinist to maintain them. Metal machining is a craft and machinists are the craftsmen, artfully fine tuning machines before and during a production run to ensure that the integrity of the final product is maintained.

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    Prototypes that work

    Unlike other processes, precision machining can quickly produce prototypes made from the final products material, resulting in a functional prototype that can be installed and tested immediately. Prototypes are often modified before the final product design is determined, and precision machining can quickly accommodate such design changes. Want multiple revisions of your prototype produced to determine the best shape, size and material for your product? Not a problem! Our custom CNC programs can be modified to add, remove or adjust the size of a part’s features or even change the material used to produce the part.

    At Ferrum Machining we pride ourselves in providing a speedy turnaround for all our projects. All services are competitively priced, and we utilize modern equipment for all our machining. If you are in need of a quick response on prototyping, or in need of a full production for your custom parts, Ferrum Machining is dedicated to providing maximum service and maximum quality. 

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