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Our goal is to provide you with the fastest and most convenient manufacturing experience. While custom CNC machining is capable of achieving tight tolerances, these tolerances are often unnecessary for many part applications. Increasing the unspecified tolerances for non-critical dimensions can significantly reduce the production cost of a part, and shorten the required manufacturing time, providing you with more cost effective parts faster.

Here are a few cost saving suggestions and recommended “General tolerances” to make your quoting experience even faster: 

Documents to include with your quote if possible:

  • Legible prints or all parts with all features dimensioned.
  • All internal or company specific manufacturing specifications relevant to all parts included in the quote package.
  • Any additional notes or requirements

Recommended General tolerances:

  • “125 Ra max surface finish unless otherwise specified”
  • “+/- 3 degrees on all unspecified angles.
  • “Break all sharp edges”

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